Vertebral Body Augmentation (Kyphoplasty)

Vertebral Body Augmentation or Kyphoplasty is a surgery used to treat fractures in the vertebra.

During the surgery, “bone cement” is injected into the fractured vertebrae in order to stabilize it. Vertebral Body Augmentation (VBA) is one of the many surgeries available at Key Clinics for treating conditions of the spine. Some medical professionals refer to a VBA as a “Kyphoplasty” because Kyphon was the first company to develop an effective treatment providing patients with much-needed relief from the pain caused by vertebral body compression fractures. Dr. Siegal, a board-certified neurosurgeon, and his team of medical experts take excellent care of all patients, whether performing this minimally invasive surgery or something more complex.

Types of Vertebral Body Augmentation

Because every case is unique, Dr. Siegal consults with each patient to determine which type of minimally invasive VBA is best.

Vertebroplasty – With this, Dr. Siegal injects a special bone cement into the compressed fracture. Similar to a cast on a leg or arm, the cement stabilizes the damaged bone.

Balloon VBA – Balloon VBA creates a space within the damaged vertebral body with inflation of a balloon prior to injecting the bone cement. This allows the injection of a higher volume of bone cement, thereby creating more stability of the fracture. Balloon VBA usually offers the best results and, therefore, is the most common type of VBA performed by Dr. Siegal.

When is Vertebral Body Augmentation Used?

Vertebral body augmentation works great for patients with compression fractures caused by various diseases that leave the bone brittle and weak or due to a minor trauma when osteoporosis is present. Dr. Siegal also chooses this surgical procedure when a tumor causes a compression fracture.

Are There Risks?

The great thing about vertebral body augmentation, regardless of the type, is that it is a minimally invasive procedure. Therefore, there is very little risk involved. In most cases, patients of Key Clinics go home the same day within a few hours of having the treatment performed.  This surgical procedure yields a high success rate.

Once the fracture is stabilized with cement during the VBA, patients notice pain relief almost immediately.

Heal Fast and Safely

With so many options for minimally invasive procedures at Key Clinics, including vertebral body augmentation, you can heal quickly and go on to enjoy life with reduced pain. To learn more about this and other surgical options for treating spine and nerve conditions, call us or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Siegal. In no time, you can enjoy normal activities.