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Complex Spine Surgery

Obtaining Relief with Complex Spine Surgery

A board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Joel D. Siegal performs various procedures and surgeries on people suffering from spinal and nerve conditions with support from his skilled medical team. The most challenging of those is complex spine surgery. This particular surgery is for patients who have six or more vertebrae involved, whether due to degeneration or trauma, and require a minimum of six hours on the operating table.

More About Complex Spine Surgery

Spinal fusion is a common surgical procedure of the spine in which a neurosurgeon fuses two vertebrae to create a bridge consisting of bone that helps stabilize the spine. Complex spine surgery follows the same concept except the patient requires the fusing of six or more vertebrae. Depending on the number of vertebrae involved and the severity of the damage, an operation can last anywhere from six to 20 hours, performed in a single day.

What Does Complex Spine Surgery Involve?

Dr. Siegal first makes an incision down the back to gain access to the spine. He then removes the lamina, which is the part of the vertebrae that protrudes from the spinal column. Next, he begins the “fusing” process by placing bone grafts in between the affected vertebrae, along with hardware to give the spine stability and strength.

Once Dr. Siegal places the required rods, screws, and bolts, he then has X-rays taken to ensure the hardware is in its proper position and secure. Once satisfied, he then sews the incision closed. Roughly two weeks post-op, he inspects the wound and sees you in the office to check on your status.

Are There Any Risks Involved with Complex Spine Surgery?

There are risks with any surgery of the spine, but when performed by Dr. Siegal and his highly experienced and skilled medical team, the potential for complications decreases substantially. Dr. Siegal understands the complexities of this type of spinal surgery, which is why he is selective about which patients he performs it on.

What is the Recovery Period?

Because complex spine surgery is a long surgery that involves fusing multiple vertebrae, patients require a longer recovery time compared to a more conventional spinal fusion. On average, it takes 12 months for the bone grafts to fuse completely, at which time they become a part of the spinal column structure.

Patients can expect to be on their feet and moving around a day or two after the procedure. In about three months, they begin to notice a vast improvement. As this is a more difficult surgery, not only does one of the top neurosurgeons perform the operation, but you also have a team of medical professionals at Key Clinics that provides ongoing support during the healing process.

After complex spine surgery, some patients return to their normal activities, while others find they need to change their habits. Instead of contact sports, some people switch to a less aggressive physical activity. Rather than take long trips overseas, they choose local destinations that are more comfortable while sitting.

Trust the Best

If you need complex spine surgery, it is essential that you entrust your care to the best board-certified neurosurgeon in Ohio. If you have extensive and chronic back or neck pain, contact us at Key Clinics for a consultation with Dr. Siegal. If he determines that you need this type of surgery, you know you are in capable hands.