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Improving Patients' Quality of Life by Eliminating Chronic Neck, Back, and SI Joint Pain

Board-Certified Neurosurgeon Dr. Joel D. Siegal strives to be one of the top spine surgeons in the Cleveland, Mansfield, Bucyrus, and Columbus, Ohio areas. He does this by constantly delivering cutting edge, minimally disruptive care with a focus on compassion and patient comfort. Nothing makes Dr. Siegal happier than being able to help his patients overcome their chronic neck, back, and SI Joint pain.

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We’re setting the standard in spine and neck treatment while practicing the highest standard of patient care. 

We are the only independent Neurosurgery practice in the region, seeing patients at clinical offices in Lyndhurst and Galion, Ohio. Dr. Siegal is the Medical Director of Spine at Avita Health System in Crawford and Richland counties. He also coordinates spine care on Cleveland’s East Side for The Spine and Orthopedic Institute of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. In addition, he is the spine surgeon at Cleveland Clinic’s Marymount Hospital in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Our professional staff is dedicated to treating our patients with dignity, respect, and care, making your Key Clinics experience pleasant and stress-free.  Many of our staff members have been with Key Clinics for years and that dedication shows in the superb care our patients receive.

We greatly simplify the patient journey by managing the care pathway with all stakeholders -- other physicians, insurance companies, radiology facilities, hospitals, places of work, and surgical facilities.

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Quality Spine Care

Dr. Joel D. Siegal and the Key Clinics professional staff dramatically improve the quality of our patients’ lives. We deliver high quality, personalized, patient-focused care for all different types of chronic neck and back pain with speed and compassion. We allow our patients the opportunity to reclaim their independence and humanity, helping them return to normalcy after intense periods of pain and anguish.

Our team cares about our patients as individuals, respecting their time and providing individualized care with great compassion as they suffer from pain and personal limitations.

We see patients right away because we empathize with their need for immediate action. So often, practices of our quality are difficult to access; we build processes and procedures to expedite the start of patient care.

Key Clinics, SI-Bone, and the iFuse System

One way that Dr. Siegal positions himself to be one of the top neurosurgeons in the Cleveland, Ohio area is by providing the most up to date and modern care possible. Dr. Siegal utilizes the company, SI-Bone, and their iFuse system in order to provide minimally invasive Sacroiliac Joint fusions. This allows the patient to undergo a shorter surgery and healing process.

Learn more about the SI-Bone, iFuse System here.

SI Joint Syndrome

Meet Dr. Joel Siegal - Neurosurgeon

Joel D. Siegal, MD is a nationally recognized brain, nerve, and spine surgeon who specializes in the surgical treatment of spine and nerve conditions. He utilizes the very latest high technology and minimally disruptive surgical techniques to reduce recovery time and allow you to get back to enjoying life as quickly as possible.

Dr. Siegal leads Key Clinics, LLC, a private medical practice offering comprehensive nerve and spine care, including diagnostic services, conservative treatment modalities, and nerve and spine surgery.

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What Patients & Referring Doctors Are Saying...

“The Key Clinics office is respectful and so easy to work with.”

“He listens, is compassionate and spends more time with me than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

“He was the first doctor to show me my radiology films.”

“Key Clinics staff helped me through the whole process and was way more involved than any other office I’ve ever visited. They were accommodating and got the tests approved so quickly.”

“He talked simply so I could understand. For years, I haven’t understood... Finally someone took the time to help me understand the way forward.”

“He is so pleasant with a soft demeanor and so approachable, especially for a surgeon.”

“Dr. Siegal is willing to discuss patients directly. I have his cell phone and can call anytime.”

“Dr. Siegal collaborates with me regarding the best course of treatment for my patients.  He is very responsive and provides a high level of service.”

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