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Car Accident and Personal Injury Specialist

If you’ve experienced a car accident or personal injury and you have headaches, neck, back, arm, or leg pain, we recommend that you see a spine specialist soon after the accident.  Here at Key Clinics, we are happy to evaluate you to give you peace of mind.

How Car Accidents Can Ruin Your Spine

The spine’s greatest enemy is the motor vehicle crash which is the leading cause of spinal injuries. In the worst-case scenario, an individual can experience extreme spine damage, leading to permanent paralysis or even death. In less extreme cases, you might damage your vertebrae (the bones in your spine), ligaments, muscles, or discs which could lead to numbness, weakness, and pain throughout the body.

Anyone in a major car accident should have their spine checked immediately.  Proper evaluation is required to maintain long-term health for your spine after a major accident.

Having Your Spine Checked after Minor Car Accidents or Trauma

While it is critical to have your spine checked after a major car accident, it is highly recommended to have it evaluated after minor car accidents or traumas if you develop symptoms.  Signs of a concussion, whiplash, or spinal injury can develop immediately or in a delayed fashion, sometimes hours after the minor traumatic event. Living with the pain of these conditions can be agonizing.

Whiplash happens when the neck quickly snaps back and forth during an accident.  As a result, patients can experience muscle tightness, headaches, and muscle spasms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and have been in a car accident or trauma, we recommend that you call Key Clinics immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.  

Finding the Right Car Accident and Personal Injury Spine Surgeon

Many people are hesitant to visit a spine specialist or spine surgeon because they don’t understand that spine surgery isn’t the only treatment recommended. Dr. Siegal has been handling car accidents and personal injury cases for years. His diagnosis and treatment recommendations rarely require spinal surgery. You can feel safe knowing that Dr. Siegal will recommend the least invasive option to help you recover from your injury as quickly and safely as possible.

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