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Medacta is an international orthopaedics company specializing in the design and production of innovative orthopaedic products and the development of accompanying surgical techniques. Established in 1999 in Switzerland, Medacta’s products and surgical techniques are characterized by innovation.

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SI Bone

SI-BONE® is the leading sacroiliac joint medical device company dedicated to the development of tools and products for patients with low back issues related to certain SI joint disorders. The company has developed, and is manufacturing and marketing, minimally invasive products for patients with certain SI joint disorders. SI-BONE has an experienced management team with extensive experience in orthopedic and spine medical devices.


The Seg-WAY endoscopic release system is a minimally invasive single-portal system providing quicker return to work, less patient scarring, and less postoperative pain. The system is used for both upper and lower extremity in Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel, Plantar Fasciitis and Gastrocnemius Releases.

Some of the benefits include:

Safety First
The system provides the ability to visualize fibers before release

Includes different size guides for patient specificity

Assurance & Confidence
The surgeon can probe the fibers to ensure a complete release


Stimwave Technologies Incorporated is a privately held medical device company engaged in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of wirelessly powered, injectable, microtechnology neurostimulators, providing patients with a convenient, safe, minimally invasive, and highly cost-effective pain management solution that is easily incorporated into their daily lives. Stimwave’s goal is to evolve its patented, cutting-edge platform into the default for neuromodulation, increasing the accessibility for patients worldwide while lowering the economic impact of pain management.

What is Orthofix's M6-C Artificial Disc?

The M6-C disc is an artificial cervical disc created by Orthofix Medical Inc. as an alternative to cervical disc fusion. It is a next-generation disc that was developed to replace discs in the neck that have been damaged by cervical disc degeneration. The goal behind designing it was to create an artificial disc that could minimize the stress to adjacent discs and other vertebral structures while restoring motion to the spine. The M6-C disc is:

The M6-C is the only disc designed with a shock-absorbing nucleus and fiber annulus that work together to provide the cushioning effect of the natural disc while being able to mimic the neck's natural movement.

According to clinical data, the M6-C is a highly effective cervical disc replacement with a 92% satisfaction rate among patients.* It has also proven to improve arm pain and neck pain and has decreased the amount of Opioid usage in patients compared to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.*

FDA Approved
The M6-C disc was granted FDA approval in 2019 and received CE Mark approval in 2006.

Orthofix’s Firebird™ SI Fusion System

Introducing the revolutionary Firebird™ SI Fusion System, a cutting-edge solution for sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This family of 3D-printed titanium implants is designed to deliver optimal stabilization and compression of the sacroiliac joint throughout the fusion process.

The Firebird™ SI Fusion System represents a significant leap forward in spinal care, promising a new era of pain relief and stability for those suffering from sacroiliac joint issues.