Second Opinions

Why Second Opinions Are Crucial

Getting any kind of news from the doctor can be a tense affair. If it’s good news, great; but if it’s bad news, you don’t know where to begin. Your first instinct might be to get a second opinion, and there are some might try to convince you that it’s not necessary.

But second opinions are crucial, both for patients and doctors—especially when it’s about your spine and back. A second opinion allows you to assess your options more carefully, as you will acquire a better understanding of your condition as well as the possible treatment options out there.

As anyone with a spinal condition should know, pain in the spine can be crippling. The pain can stop you from doing everything from getting up in the morning to your daily chores. Understandably someone suffering a spinal condition would jump at the first possible treatment method presented to them. But a second opinion is well worth the wait.

Dr. Siegal has worked with spinal conditions for years and understands the importance of providing the clarity and understanding of a proper second opinion. At our clinic, we will go over all relevant material—films, scans, medical history—and perform tests of our own if required. We will provide a complete and comprehensive understanding of your condition, as well as your diagnosis and results. Spinal conditions usually have multiple treatment options; it’s our responsibility to make sure you don’t rush into the first option presented to you.

Spinal conditions are never easy to deal with. The spine is one of the most complex parts of the body, so getting a second opinion from a spine specialist is ideal in all spinal matters. With our top-of-the-line technology and modern diagnosis and treatment practices, we can give you the complete education you need to make the best choice moving forward.

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