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Spinal Surgery Options

At Key Clinics, our top goal is to provide patients with relief from symptoms caused by a broad range of spine and nerve conditions. Led by board-certified neurosurgery spine surgeon Dr. Joel D. Siegal, we begin by finding optimal patient results through nonsurgical, noninvasive treatments. If patients require greater treatments, we will suggest and perform various spinal surgery procedures.

Under the guiding hands of Dr. Siegal, patients do exceptionally well with surgery. They also heal quickly, allowing them to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. If you struggle with neck or back pain or other symptoms, such as weakness, tingling, and numbness, and nothing to date has helped, schedule an appointment to see Dr. Siegal to discuss the best spinal surgical options.

The following are some of the spinal surgeries performed by Dr. Siegal at Key Clinics:

At Key Clinics, we offer these and other types of spinal surgery procedures. Dr. Siegal and his supporting medical team do outstanding work that helps patients with different spine and nerve conditions achieve much-needed relief.

  • Cervical Disc Replacement – Dr. Siegal can replace the entire disc in patients with a herniated cervical disc and predominantly arm pain.  This technique relieves a person’s arm pain, preserves neck mobility post op and decreases the risk of needing future neck surgery.
  • Corpectomy – With this spinal surgery, Dr. Siegal removes a portion of the vertebral body to take pressure off the nerves and spinal cord. Typically, he performs this procedure on patients with a fracture, tumor, infection, bone spur or stenosis.
  • MicroDiscectomy – When dealing with a bulging or herniated disc anywhere along the spinal column, a discectomy is typically the preferred surgical procedure. Through a small incision and the use of a microscope, Dr. Siegal removes the disc fragment, which alleviates nerve compression. He performs this surgery on patients with sciatica, radiculopathy, bone spurs, and pinched nerves.
  • MicroForaminotomy – This spine surgery widens the tunnel in the back of the spine at the location where nerve roots exit the spinal canal. Dr. Siegal performs this procedure for many different spine and nerve conditions, like a herniated disc, pinched nerve, radiculopathy, sciatica, bone spurs, and foraminal stenosis.
  • Vertebral Body Augmentation (Kyphoplasty) – Performed on an outpatient basis, this spinal surgery achieves excellent results for treating compression fractures of the spine. Using a specialized needle, Dr. Siegal inserts a balloon through a small incision. The balloon is inflated, deflated and removed.  Bone cement is then injected stabilizing the broken vertebra and producing tremendous pain reduction.
  • Laminectomy – The purpose of this spine surgery is to remove the lamina, which is the back portion of the vertebra that covers and protects the spinal canal. A successful procedure decompresses nerves in the spine or the spinal cord itself. Patients living with bone spurs, herniated discs, and lumbar stenosis have excellent results.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Placement – In this case, Dr. Siegal places electrodes along the area of the spinal cord that is generating pain. These electrodes then connect to a battery implanted in the buttocks. The signals help block pain in people with MS, RSD, and other chronic pain conditions.
  • SacroIliac Joint Fusion – Dr. Siegal and his team are experienced at treating sacroiliac joint pain, both nonoperatively and surgically.  SI joint pain is one of the leading causes of back pain and frequently is not recognized by health care providers.
  • Spinal Fusion – Dr. Siegal uses this spinal surgery to help stabilize the spine. Using a type of grafting material, he fuses two or more bones, preventing any movement between them. The most common conditions of the spine that benefit from this procedure include fractures, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, tumors, and infections.
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