SI Joint: Is this causing your back pain?

Don’t Wait - Find Treatment for your Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Back Pain

 If you are suffering from chronic low back pain, you may be suffering from SI Joint Dysfunction. In fact, about 25% of Americans with low back pain are thought to have sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

When you visit Key Clinics, Dr. Siegal will begin your evaluation to determine if you have SI Joint dysfunction. Dr. Siegal believes in diagnosing and treating SI Joint dysfunction as part of a multidisciplinary program. It is important to differentiate whether the primary pain generator causing someone’s discomfort is the SI Joint, hip, spine, or nerves.

For proper diagnosis, Dr. Siegal and his medical team may order tests, perform multiple physical exams, and have you see several providers as a means of confirming that you have sacroiliac joint dysfunction and to devise the best treatment plan.

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