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SI Joint Fusion: The Si-bone, iFuse System

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion: The SI-Bone, iFuse System

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion to Correct SI Joint Dysfunction

If you are struggling with stabbing pain that starts in your hips or pelvis and radiates up the lower back and down the thighs you may be dealing with SI pain. Some people with SI pain struggle to perform normal activities of daily living and do not find relief with over-the-counter or prescribed medications, steroid injections, or physical therapy. If you have suffered from this type of pain for more than 6 months and more traditional treatments no longer work, Dr. Joel D. Siegal might want to discuss sacroiliac joint fusion surgery with you.

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Dr. Siegal works with a team of physicians and providers to diagnose and treat this condition. The first line of treatment includes 6 months of physical therapy and medications including oral steroids, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, and some antiseizure medications such as Neurontin. Sometimes SI Joint injections with Marcaine and corticosteroids can help identify the SI Joint as the primary pain generator and treat the SI Joint pain simultaneously. Radiofrequency ablation is another option that can be utilized to burn the pain-causing nerves thereby decreasing the low back pain due to SI Joint inflammation.

If you’ve had pain due to dysfunction of the SI Joint for more than 6 months, failed physical therapy, medications and have had two SI Joint injections confirming that it is indeed the primary pain generator, Dr. Siegal may offer you a Sacroiliac Joint Fusion. An SI Joint Fusion stabilizes the SI Joint through a minimally invasive procedure. Fusing the iliac and sacral bones helps stabilize the joint, dramatically reducing or eliminating the pain and other unpleasant symptoms in an astounding 92% of patients.

What kind of testing will I need to determine if my pain is from my SI joint?

The Minimally Invasive SI-Bone, iFuse Implant System

The iFuse implant system is a minimally invasive procedure that is done in order to relieve patients of their SI Joint pain. The iFuse system allows Dr. Siegal to treat his patients with a procedure that is much shorter and has less recovery time than a traditional fusion surgery. 

How does the iFuse Implant System Work

The implants are small triangular rods made of titanium. They are placed in the hip and the sacroiliac joint in order to fuse them together and stabilize the joint. 

Is the SI-Bone, iFuse Implant System Effective?

The iFuse system is safe, durable, and effective. It is the only treatment device for SI Joint dysfunction that is proven effective by clinical evidence. The iFuse implant system reduces pain in about 85% of patients.

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