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Cervical Disc Replacement with Orthofix's New M6 - C Artificial Disc

Do you suffer from pain or numbness in the neck, hands, or shoulders? Did you suffer an injury to your neck or cervical spine? You may be suffering from a ruptured or bulging disc in your neck (otherwise known as cervical disk degeneration).

Cervical disc degeneration can be extremely painful to deal with, but the real problem for sufferers is the lack of treatment options. In the past, the main treatment options for a bulging or ruptured disc in the neck were pain management or fusion surgery. Unfortunately, neither of these treatments are viable long-term solutions because pain management can involve addictive medication, and fusion surgery will more than likely cause you limited mobility in your neck.

Dr. Siegal has now partnered with Orthofix to bring you a better option. Orthofix is the creator of the new M6-C artificial disk. This revolutionary cervical disc replacement can provide you with a range of motion in the neck comparable to your original disc. In addition, Dr. Siegal is now certified to use the M6-C artificial disk in his disc replacement procedures.

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Cervical Disc Degeneration is Painful, but What Is It?

The top seven vertebrae of the spine make up the cervical spine. The discs between these vertebrae act as shock absorbers and enable the neck to maintain its flexibility and mobility. As you age, the discs in your neck can shrink, leading to less flexibility and cushion in between the vertebrae. As the discs become brittle, injury or aging can lead to a tear or rupture. This rupture or tear can pinch nerves and cause pain and numbness in the:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Hands

While cervical disk degeneration is often associated with aging, cervical disc degeneration and ruptured discs can also affect young people.

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Outdated and Undesirable Treatments of the Past

In the past, treatments for herniated discs were limited to two main options. Fusion surgery or pain management tactics. Pain management included things like pain medication and physical therapy.

Pain management options weren’t always effective or desired because you could become addicted to medication, and often, physical therapy didn’t resolve the pain completely. So, people would result to fusion surgery. While fusion surgery canbe effective, it can also cause issues. A fusion of the vertebrae in the neck can lead to stiffness, a lack of mobility, and sometimes it can even result in another fusion down the road. So, there must be another option, right? Now there is, and it’s called cervical disc replacement.

Orthofix Has Revolutionized Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

Cervical disc replacement surgery has been around since the 90’s so it has had some time for companies to improve their artificial discs. However, Orthofix has set out to truly revolutionize the artificial disc, and they have done so with their M6-C artificial disc.

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Randy's Journey with The Orthofix M6 - C Artificial Cervical Disk

What is Orthofix's M6 - C Artificial Disc?

The M6-C disc is an artificial cervical disc created by Orthofix Medical Inc. as an alternative to cervical disc fusion. It is a next-generation disc that was developed to replace discs in the neck that have been damaged by cervical disc degeneration. The goal behind designing it was to create an artificial disc that could minimize the stress to adjacent discs and other vertebral structures while restoring motion to the spine. The M6-C disc is:


The M6-C is the only disc designed with a shock-absorbing nucleus and fiber annulus that work together to provide the cushioning effect of the natural disc while being able to mimic the neck's natural movement.


According to clinical data, the M6-C is a highly effective cervical disc replacement with a 92% satisfaction rate among patients.* It has also proven to improve arm pain and neck pain and has decreased the amount of Opioid usage in patients compared to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.*

FDA Approved

The M6-C disc was granted FDA approval in 2019 and received CE Mark approval in 2006.

M6-C cervical disc replacement
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Why is Disc Replacement Better Than a Fusion?

The main difference between fusion surgery and disc replacement is the range of motion lost after cervical fusion surgery. During a fusion, the damaged spinal disc is removed, and the vertebrae on both sides of the disc are joined together. Unfortunately, this means that the natural range of motion isn't preserved, and your normal day-to-day activities will suffer.

With a disc replacement, you will have a greater range of motion compared to fusion surgery. This is because the M6-C mimics the natural movements of the original disc: backward and forward, side to side, up and down, and rotating left and right. Disc replacement is generally a better alternative to fusion surgery because it gives you back a greater range of motion and allows you to continue doing what you love.

Is Neck Fusion Surgery Necessary?

Key Clinics: When is Neck Surgery Necessary

At Key Clinics, we are always looking to offer our patients the most up-to-date and effective treatment options. That's why Dr. Siegal uses the M6-C in his cervical disc replacement procedures. He believes it is the best option for his patients because it allows them to continue living the life they were before suffering from their debilitating neck pain. If you are tired of neck pain and think you may be suffering from or have already been diagnosed with a bulging or herniated disc, schedule with Dr. Siegal to discuss treatment today. It's time to get back to the life you had before being slowed down by pain.

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