Have you been told you need surgery?

Did you know you have other options...

Ensure you're making the right decision with Key Clinics

You know that spine surgery is likely in your future...

Maybe a doctor has already recommended it...

Or, maybe nothing else you've tried has helped your back pain...

So, surgery seems likely... but you shouldn't make the decision lightly.

For example: surgeons may offer just one treatment option, like traditional fusion.
However, the outcomes of traditional fusion surgeries might not be ideal for your specific case...

At Key Clinics, we can offer the most cutting-edge and revolutionary treatment options to ensure our patients get the outcomes they deserve.

Why not have all your surgery options available to you before you make a life-altering decision?

Do you know all of your options?

Not fully understanding your options could lead to worsening symptoms and potentially more complex procedures in the future.

Well-informed decisions are crucial, especially for complex spine conditions that might require procedures like total disc replacement surgery or treatments for cervical disc herniation.

Don't jump into a decision without having all of the details

Let’s think about that traditional fusion surgery again…

You visit a doctor and they tell you that your best course of action is fusion surgery.

You go in, have it done, and spend weeks or months recovering.

You finally start to feel better, only to learn that more than 1 in 5 patients require a second fusion surgery within 10 years.

Great... now you're stuck with that traditional fusion, which can lead to additional surgeries.

grandpa and kid

Shouldn't you be allowed to know that there may have been another option?

Patients come to us for second opinions and minimally invasive alternatives to these common surgeries

Fusion Surgery
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Cervical Disc Replacement
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SI Joint Fusion
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Success Stories with Key Clinics' Expert Approach

At Key Clinics, our patients' success stories speak volumes. From individuals who underwent M6 cervical disc replacement to those who opted for less invasive procedures after a second opinion.

Key Clinics: Your Partner in Spine Health

At Key Clinics, we're committed to being your trusted partner, helping you choose the best option for you in this crucial part of your health journey. Together, we can navigate the complexities of spine surgery decisions and move towards a healthier, pain-free life.

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